19 Things I Wish I knew In My Teen

Although, I am still young and enjoying my life, but there are so many things that I didn’t take advantage of in my teens that I wish I had.

When I was 10, I used to say to my elders that “I can’t wait to be 16”. When I was 16, it was “I can’t wait to be 18” and so on. It was in University when I realized that I had let my teenage fly so quickly.

I thought a lot and figured out that if i had knew these following 19 things, I would have lived it up my teenage.

1- It will rain but your friends are your umbrella — KEEP YOUR UMBRELLA!

Too many friendships are lost because of worthless arguments, fights and fragile egos. It is much easier to stay friends then try to rekindle years later.

2- Take that jump

You are young – you have nothing to lose. You won’t remember the reason you did not do what you wanted to do but you will regret not doing it. Take that jump and don’t worry about how you land later. Unless it is drugs – you will be ok!

3- It all turns out fine

Did not get the grades you wanted?
Did not get into your favorite university
Did not get invited to the coolest party?

It will all be fine – everything seems like the end of the world when you are young but hardly anything is. It all turns out fine.

4- Life is like a jigsaw puzzle

You are on your journey collecting the pieces, they don’t make sense now because all you see are the pieces. One day it will come together and you will see the benefits of learning how to handle pressure.

5- If you want it tomorrow, start today

You are young, you can take your time but if you do not have a plan then life will just happen to you rather than you making things happen. By all means don’t stress – you have time – take your time but keep working towards what you want.

6- We are all on our own journey

Do not compare yourself to anyone ever. It all works out differently for all of us.

7- Don’t compete — collaborate

Your school/university is lying to you. Life is not a rat race. We all win when we win together. Bringing someone down won’t raise you up.

8- No substitute for hard work

You may be the most talented person in the world at something but unless you work at it, you will not amount to much. At the end the slow persistent tortoise will always beat the brash and lazy hare.

9- Love yourself

We all make mistakes. You may feel broken but each of one use feels this way, at least once in our life. Love yourself as you are and forgive yourself for what you lack. We don’t choose our strengths and weaknesses.

10- Love others

We are all in this together. Are you struggling? So is everyone around you. This is not a rat race so be sympathetic towards others.

11- Take the perspective

Things are not always like what you think they are like. Always reach out to those that you trust and get some perspective.

12- You can have all of one or some of all. Choose all of one

You have to focus on what matters. Even if it means missing out on some plans or not being able to do other things. Figure out what you want and focus on that.

13- TV won’t go anywhere

By all means, relax and kick back but don’t give up on experiences just to stay in and watch your favorite show. You can always watch it later but nothing would make up for the lost experience.

14- Don’t be afraid to be different

Life will not be fun if we are all the same and trust me, everybody tries to make everyone else conform. Don’t fall for it. You are you – shine in that light that you radiate. Don’t let them tell you what a girl or a boy is meant to do – it is your life and you get to choose.

15- Don’t grow up too soon

I know you can’t wait to get out of college and be an independent adult but ask all those adults, they would love to be back in college with their friends. Cherish what you have and don’t miss out on it. You will miss it when it is gone.

16- Trust your instincts

It is okay to say no. It is okay if you don’t want to do what everyone wants you to. Your instincts are strong – trust them.

17- Log kehtay rehtay hai

Millions of dreams have died due to ‘log kya kahen gai’ – these log do not exist and if they do, they don’t matter. Don’t give up your dreams because of people you don’t know.

The ones who tell you not to be a rockstar will ask for free tickets to your show when you are famous.

Do not let the world bring you down. You are a star – shine on.

18- It is okay to leave

Some things, and sadly some people are toxic for you. No matter the amount of time you have spent with them, if they are toxic for you – it is okay to leave.

19- You are on your own

It’s ok to be a little selfish. Don’t be a rolling stone.

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