Effects of anxiety on learning

How does anxiety affect learning?

Anxiety in students is a serious issue impacting all aspects of life. Different experts have a different explanation for the causes of anxiety as many think that it is because of increasing academic pressure in schools whereas other relates it to excessive use of gadgets and social media websites. The question about how a student develops anxiety is however not really what matters the most but what’s really important is that it is identified and addressed as soon as possible because it impacts all areas of a student’s life.

How does anxiety affect learning?

The student never feels comfortable in class, school or any other social gathering and this discomfort does not allow a student to concentrate. Imagine going to a place daily where you feel uncomfortable and you have the pressure to deliver while feeling the discomfort of everything around you…..

Anxiety directly impacts a person’s ability to hold information in his mind. Imagine doing comprehension in an English Language class and simply being unable to retain any information given in the passage……

Anxiety directly impacts a person’s concentration span as it makes the thought process less efficient. Imagine not being able to concentrate on anything you are studying while feeling the pressure to catch up with the rest of the students who have entirely different attention span……

Anxiety leads to inconsistent behavior in students as one moment you might feel anxious about the most common things but the next moment you feel perfectly normal. Imagine how hard it becomes for teachers to understand the learning pattern of such students leaving them clueless about planning reinforcements…..

Anxiety leads to avoidance and isolation as feeling uncomfortable about everything around them eventually leads to avoid everything and everyone in their surroundings. This anti-social behavior further worsens the problem for students with anxiety and they are clueless about it. Imagine feeling anxious about your surroundings and eventually developing a personality that repels your peers….

These are not all but some examples of how anxiety impacts a student’s life and learning abilities. It is really important to know that anxiety is not a lifelong problem and timely intervention can help cure it but if ignored, it can have grave consequences.

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