Paradigm of success and failure!

Every one said that he was born to conquer….

He always scored above 90%

He got into the most prestigious engineering university of his country and graduated with gold

He went to one of the IV leagues for his master’s degree

He got a job offer from one of the leading companies of United States and was soon promoted to one of the key position

Bought a big mansion where he had all the luxuries of life

He married a beautiful girl and they both had two adorable children

He shot his children, wife and himself………

What went wrong?



After thorough investigation, the police found out that he took a wrong strategic decision leading to loss of millions of dollars for the company and subsequently to his job. He was unable to afford similar luxuries of life and after trying at multiple places, he could not find the job according to his “stature”. The economic crisis also lead to increased financial problems for him as he lost his entire savings to the stock market crash.

He went into severe depression and decided to commit suicide…..

He was trained to succeed and conquer everything but what he was not trained was how to accept failure.

Please stop training yourself to succeed in everything you do because success is not always the fruit of your hard work and devotion. There are things written in fate!

Failure is a better teacher because success will not teach you the hard lessons of life.


If you have achieved anything in your life, you should also be prepared to lose everything. You may lose everything to one bad decision, to an economic crisis, to a natural disaster and more importantly to your fate.

Stop becoming robots who are only programmed to succeed. We are not machines which is programmed in a particular manner but we are humans, humans who are not programmed to keep functioning in a similar way.

How many times we have seen “losers” becoming “heroes” and how many times we have seen “heroes” becoming “losers”?

Be prepared to accept anything that comes your way and be prepared to live beyond the paradigm of success and failure.

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