Top 7 Tips To Create Balance In Your Student Life | Fun & Study

Teenage is a mixture of a lot of things. It is that time of life when you think that you are on the top of this world, but a mixture of hormonal changes, social and academic challenges, volatile emotions, and changing family dynamics can feel overwhelming.

The question comes how to create balance in your student life?

The answer is pretty easy. If you can find a balance of fun & study in your teenage, then your adolescence will not be complicated and overwhelming. Learning and having fun at the same time in your school, college or university can be a tricky task, but following top tips will help you to start understanding how to use your time effectively and create balance in your student life.

1- Divide Your Activities:

Divide your day into sleep, study, eat, and exercise instead of sleep, eat, and just thinking about studies all the day and doing nothing. If you see your academic timetable, it is mostly in the morning, be attentive in your class, and do not think about fun during the lesson. Ask questions from your instructor and try to grasp the concept within the lesson’s time span. If you have a time period where there is an hour or two between your next class, use that time to study while you are still in the mindset. When you go home make a plan with your cousins, siblings, or friends and enjoy your evening accordingly.

2- A two options rule:

Here’s the rule:

  1. Sleep
  2. Fun
  3. School/College

As a student, you get to choose two 🙂 LOL

This is quite a truth. You cannot simply have all three options at the same time. It’s all about creating a balance by having two options at a time. Make sure you are not all about studies. One of the biggest regrets, people have in their life is being too serious in their college days. Having fun and enjoying it not only makes you happier but also builds CONNECTIONS with people.

On the other hand, also make a schedule and put all your academic deadlines in it. Plan how much time you need to spend on each piece of homework and allocate the appropriate time. Try to finish your deadlines before the start of the weekend. The best strategy is to utilize your weekdays and finish your assignments and homework on daily basis. Use a quiet corner of your home when you are studying, that way you won’t be disturbed and you will study more efficiently.

3- Set your priorities:

Make sure you set your priorities in the right way. Studies, hobbies, and fun deserve a balanced time of your life. Creating a balance in your student life is the key to get success and fun in your life. For example, if you are made to wait for an hour for some reason which was not anticipated. Have your smartphone with various resources ready, maybe for reading, listening to music, writing, thinking, meditating, communicating, etc.

4- Multi-Tasking:

Multi-tasking is also a key to create balance in your student life. If you love to listen to music then do not sit quietly to listen, do it while doing math, researching on a topic, driving, before falling asleep, or as a default option during unplanned but forced idle time. Anything can become fun if you sync it to music you love.

But remember that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to use music while studying. But usually, soundtracks are fun and motivational, and you can pretend that you’re in a training mode. In case lyrics distract you from your core work, try to listen to soundtracks without lyrics.

5- Always challenge yourself:

If you find your studies bore and witless, try to give yourself a challenge. In this way, it will become a motivation for you. Such as, try to write an answer to an unseen question in less time span or testing your logical skills through free online quizzes on the internet.

Some people start relating a specific physics or math principle with short comics or a joke. Don’t u remember, in primary school, the teacher taught you a song to help you remember a multiplication table. It is fully understandable that now your exams are a little bit complex and tricky but if there’s a set of dates, names, or numbers you need to be able to recall under pressure, why not try putting them to music/rhyme?

6- Keep changing your study place environment:

Studies have shown that a clean and tidy study environment helps to perform well in your academics. Moreover, a changing environment promotes a better recall. The study does not have to bore, hence, sometimes a group study or studying at a friend’s place could help you to memorize the content in a better way. The brain tries to associate what you are learning and your environment in a subtle way so forcing the brain to associate multiple backgrounds, in fact, helps to give neutral scaffolding to our concept.

7- Understanding the paradigm of success & failure:

Perhaps the paradigm of success and failure has been best explained by Mr. Ammar Anwar in his post. It is worth remembering that you cannot have success all the time in your life. If you have achieved anything in your life, you should also be prepared to lose anything as well.

How to create balance in your student life?

In order to optimize your student life and to create a balance between studies, family, and friends, you must adapt the above-mentioned tips to overcome the problem of distracting yourself from having fun and studies simultaneously. A student has to play different roles during his academic session; such as a classmate, partner, competitor, and friend. In order to optimize functioning, it is necessary to find a balance between the various roles one plays.

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